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Ford Car Text Catalog January 1964
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GENERAL U mronuunnon FORD GAR PART in PARTS and ACCESSORIES TEXT CATALOG FORM FIMA62 A I949 59 PASSENGER CAR C l FORD DIVI ION MOTOR COMPANY DISTRICT OFFICES Atlanta Denver Colo Louisville Ky Phlladelphia Pennsauken N J r East Point Ga Des Moines Iowa Memphis Tenn Plttsburgh Pa 5 Boston Detroit New Orleans Richmond Va j Natick Mass Livonia Mich Arabi La Rockford lll i Buffalo N Y Fargo N D Newark St Louis Charlotte N C Houston Texas Teterboro N J Clayton Mo Chicago Indianapolis Ind New York Salt Lake Clty Utah Melrose Park Ill Jacksonville Fla White Plains N Y San Jose Ca1i I s Cinclnnati Ohio Kansas City Mo Oklahoma City Okla Seattle Wash Cleveland Ohio Lansing Mich Omaha Neb Twin Clty Dallas Texas Los Angeles Ph enlx Ar1z a Mlm eap us Mlm Davenport Iovm Pico Rivera Calif Washlngton D C INDEX FOI GENERAL INFORMATION SECTION L Abbreviations XX Patent Plate Diagx am and Explanauon X Appearance Ka Maintenance Materials XVUZI X1X nsnc senv uns uumssszmc xvxrzu IV Patent Plate Codes Q Body Type Codes IV Catalog Format IV Assembly Plant XT V Catalog Model Codes IH Body Type XU jj District Offices H Body Style XU Explanation of Symbol 1 V Dlstrlct XT Ford Group and Basic Number Chart VI thru Dt Engine Horsepower Rating XI General Instructions 1 l Exterior Patnt Body Color XVLXVII How to Order Parts V Model Year XI Model Years I 1 Months of the Year XI E Nomenclature Index 111 Rear Axle Ratio XI Procedure for Using Catalog V Transmission Type XT l Qmek Reference Index 1 Trim scheme V XV j Section Group and Basic Numbers IH Soft Trim IV Standard and Utlllty Hardware IV Used Car Reconditioning Materials XIX KV GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS This Ford Parts and Accessories Catalog contains parts information for the Ford passenger car llne including Thunderbird and ls to be used in conjunction with Illustratlon Catalog Form FD 9463 V Following are die model years for which parts information ts provided in this catalog Chassls Parts 1949 thru 1959 Body Parts 1953 thru 1959 Soft Trim Parts 1956 thru 1959 y i The driver s side fs the left hand side of the vehicle and should govern Ln determining such parts as lenders lamps etc as to whether a part is right or left hand V l cl J I 7 5 l c c 4 i 4 C