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Obsolete - Supercede - Interchange Manual FPS 7632-7 July 2005
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i Olisolete Super sede Inter c liange GENE RA L IN F ORM A TI ON This O S l Catalog has been developed to provide Ford and Lincoln l 4ercury Dealers with information pertaining to Ford and l incloln l lercury Parts and Accessories no longer supplied and which parts can be categorized as l S LETli SUPIFCRSQEIDIZ or INTERCHANGE KEY TO l lSPOSlTl N tffT l DES MW Mix With RB Replaced By SI Serviced in Details Only NR Not Replaced SA Serviced in Assernbly SK Serviced in Kit lnterehangeable or replacing part numbers appear in the Disposition column to the right ofthe non serv iced part where the symbols MW and RB apply For items having a part number preceded by the symbol ful in the Disposition column the replacing part is to be ordered under the Ford Parts and Service iy iision s Supplier Part Number utilizing the supplier s part number and the unique 9 l series prefix lt should be noted that each prefix references a Supplier Program as shown below in this example Prefix Su pplier Program 2o l Federal l logul Transmission Rear Axle Overhaul Kits 9342 KB old Weatlter Starting Systems A pound sign tt follow ing a part number in the l isposition column signifies that another part number has subsequently replaced the part 2 c c 2 c 2 2 22 L mi 22 2 U M Bl e2 2 as lM 2 2 2 22 2 2 ec c 22 2 J i l L 22 c22 2 22 l L2Q Bi5i 2 An asterisk follow ing a part number in the Disposition column signifies that the replacing part number is now not serviced and Not Replaced c 2 2 L mm 2 v 2 22 2 2 2 r N 1t lli 2 2 2 c 2 2 2i iil 4 2 2 2c E il if An ampersand da following a part number in the D isposition column is a symbol for the word and which signifies that more than one part is required to replace the original part number L i lL w 2 2 I2 H Ytl 2 i 2 DQAX 3t i83 B RB l 9A 3020 i 22 2 2 2 2 D 2 22 N 2 i l Q Part numbers in the l isposition column which do not have a symbol appear in the Dealers Price List Refer to that publication tor the current sery icc status S l information is provided on Reader l r 1nsparencies for Ford Parts and Accessories discontinued from January l l959 and l lliC0ll l lVlCl Clll Parts and Accessories discontinued from April l l 66 l l T l i All Body items Soti frim which were previously offered for sery icc and no longer appear in the Dealer s Price list or in an S l Catalog are obsolete and not replace ltems which are obsolete and replaced are published in the S l Catalog when stock ofthe replaced part is depleted I ERIOI IN WHICH 0 s I XI HI I r1s gI 0RMATION IIECAME Iirtgggyggr FORMS bord AZ lincoln Nlercury July l 2004 thru current FPS 76 2 7 thru current iord EQ lrincolu Mercury lanua y l l J a thru Noyember li 2t t i IPS 7 32 dated January 200 l E ord JQ l lllCUlll l lCl CllI July l l l thru December Sl 1 995 PPD 7632 5 dated July lf 05 liord Ji l iiicoin fvlercttry January I l o7 thru January l l t i l PS 7632 4 dated Januaryz 1980 Ford Only January li 1960 thru June l l o7 FPS 7632 3 dated July l 67