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Master Parts and Accessories Catalog FPS 8096-A October 1986
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I 7 I I I FOR TRI Ck SER F I00 500 I I MASTER PAIRTS Ann ADIIIIEISSURIES GATALIJG FORM FPS 81 96 IA Text On y I FORD PARTS und I5ER ICIEE DIVISION INDEX Abbreviations I I 13 14 Accessory Weight Chart 64 thru 71 Attaching Parts Nuts Bolts etc 4II 11 Cross Reference List between Manufacturers and Ford Part Numbers I II 12 DISIO I I I I 12 FISIO I 12 Formats 3 General Instructions I Q How to Identify 351 CIIID II Engines I 12 How to Order Parts I 12 How to Use This Catalog I 2 Liquid Measure I 11 LIPIO I I I I I 12 Locator Codes I I 11 Metric to Inches Conversion Chart I II I 15 16 Model Codes I 11 Model Year Application 11 Parts Identification I I I EI RIHI and LIHI Parts I 3 Soft Trim I I I 11 Symbols Used Regularly in Catalog I I 2 FORD PART NUMBERING SYSTEM Body Parts Group Nu mbering System I 4 Explanation of the Ford Part l umbering System I I 4 Group Numbers and Related Catalog Sections I I 1 thru 10 Motoreraft Sales Part Numbers I I 13 Part Name Index 5 thru T HOW TO ORDER PARTS American Road Camper Parts Recreational Vehicles Section Ford Parts I I I I I I I 12 Industrial Engine and Power Unit Parts I I 12 RATING or WARRANTY PLATE ond CERTIFICATION LIABEL Assembly Plant Codes I I II 22 Body Type Codes I I I 33 Um 5 Body Type Descriptions I I I 53 Body Type Illustraticns I II III I 54 thru 5 Color Codes Exterior Paint I I I 23 Diagrams and Instructions I II II 17 thru 19 District Codes I I I 63 Engine Codes I I 2 Front Axle Codes I I II I 62 Gross Vehicle Weight I I I I I I I I 63 Model Codes I I I I I I II 23 mm 32 Numerical Sequeneeot Assembly by Truck Seri l Nuinber 22 Roar Axle Ratio Codes I I I I I 59 thru 61 Serial Number I II IIII II I I I 22 Series Codes II I I I I I 20 21 Transmission Codes I I 59 Trim Codes I II I I I I I 33 Vehicle Identification Number II II II IIII I II 18 19 Wheelbase I I III I II I IIIIIII II 23 Oct0b9r 1 8 E PYaI F o19ae reno Mm 5FTT 7EieAnBonN Mica IIcaAr I 0Mr Ar w New ISSUE